4 thoughts on “Beyond the Cover, Le Métier.

  1. Nice pics Michael. Specially the ones from Susqueda’s dam and the bike leaving home in Girona. Are the stairs that goes to st. Domenech ?? It’s great to see you riding up to Osor, Llémana valley or climbing Rocacorba…we live in a cycle’s paradise.
    C u on the road.

  2. Great pictures!!.

    I have a question for you. What time you need for to climb Els Angels?

    I booked your book. I am waiting to be able to read.

    What is your next race?

    Good luck

    1. Hi Enric, Thanks for the note. I hope you enjoy the book. Time up Els Angels (from Madremanya)? 15 mins riding at a good tempo. Around 13 mins at race/time trial speed. All the best, Michael

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